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"The Berceau Bleu© (blue rocker) is a unique project!

Many artists try to raise awareness among their spectators, about the current ecological disaster, it is necessary to join forces for a greater impact!

The engraving field is not outdone! The "Berceau Bleu" project is ambitious as well on a global scale. The challenge is to mobilize for fundraising, with the artists' artworks in the field of the mezzotint printmaking.


The mezzotint is a delicate and profound art, suitable to touch the viewer in his/her soul. It is a very
old art in engraving, dating from the 17th century, which allowed us to create many illustrations, studies


All these works testify and perpetuate the transmission of knowledge for future generations. It
is also an ecologically responsible technique because it does not use any chemical additives in its

28 artists with conviction and enthusiasm resolutely decided to join the action. Each artwork describes
an environmental disaster.

Sea Shepherd's campaigns were chosen for the first project...

Words of the Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The Art of Saving Whales
The whalers, armed with exploding harpoons and razorsharp flensing knives
have waged a bloody cruel war on the world’s whales for centuries.
Motivated by greed, with hearts hardened by callous infliction of pain and suffering,
the merciless remorseless whalekillers of Japan, Norway and the Faroe Islands
represent all that is dark within the gritty soul of humanity.

To combat this abject cruelty and to fight this despicable crime,
we who are warriors for the whales
must fight with weapons that both expose the truth and heal the wounds.
We do not have the luxury of anger, and the simplicity of violence.
Our weapons are of a gentler nature.

The most powerful weapon in this compassionate crusade is the passion of the artist.
The true artist seeks salvation for that which he holds in rare reverence,
and seeks to both honour and to protect,
knowing that what is given through his creation is redeemed by the heart.

(Paul Watson)

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